Fiber and Yarn Technologies
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hehl
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hehl
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In the business unit fiber and yarn technologies, the focus is in the first stage of the textile production chain. The research activities cover the development of new polymers and fibers, the production and processing of (bi-component) filament and staple fibers with conventional and innovative spinning technologies as well as the finishing and functionalization of yarns. The result of these activities are new fibers and yarns with improved quality as well as optimized production processes and high-performance technologies. Ideal general conditions for the tasks to be solved are given thanks to highly specialized staff members and modern machinery including installations for filament yarn spinning, pilot spinning plant, as well as diverse spinning testing machines. The business unit comprises the following topics of research:

  • renewable raw materials
  • polymer synthesis, e.g. the development of new polymers for membrance technology with medical applications
  • filament yarn technologies, bi-component installations
  • filament yarn finishing (drafting, texturing, interlacing; development of fancy yarns, Differential-Shrinkage-Yarns, Peach-Sking-Yarns)
  • staple fiber technologies (ring, rotor, air-jet spinning process)
  • winding technology




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